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Company Profile

We invest across industries in both established and growth-oriented industries.

Disciplined Due Diligence

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value. We engage only in investment friendly transactions and work with talented management teams to achieve positive results.

Transformative Impact

We strive to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, global relationships and operational support.

When we partner with a business, we focus on building it to last. Our staying power, drawn from the scale and breadth of the platform we’ve grown over 10 years, helps our companies withstand market cycles and succeed for the long term.

Outperform Expectations: We pursue excellence through the tenacity, passion and integrity of our people.


Asset allocation strategy and investment guidelines.

With our comprehensive, consultative approach, we develop an awareness of the financial circumstances

and tailor an approach.


Tailored asset-allocation strategies

We believe asset allocation is an important part of a successful investment strategy. Asset allocation considers an entire investment profile and aligns with specific needs, goals, time horizon, and risk and reward expectations.



By sharing your investment ideas with our investment professionals

You can benefit from their specialist knowledge.


You also get a personalised service

Tailored to your circumstances

Investment objectives, risk threshold and expectations on projected return.


We deliver global opportunities

Ever-changing global economic and market conditions can provide investment opportunities all over the world.

Backed by the global research of Van Hoof Investments.


A disciplined approach
We believe in the value of a sound investment strategy and a disciplined approach
to developing, implementing and monitoring every solution we deliver.
We encourage realistic expectations and a longer-term view of investment results.


Manage risk
We use the principles of diversification and strategic asset allocation to shape investment portfolios
whose potential rewards are adequate compensation for their inherent risks.




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